Download Powers [Season 2 Episode 4] – Stealing Fire

Stealing Fire

Pilgrim is conflicted over her relationship with Kutter while watching over comatose Walker. Cross and Triphammer deduce a non-registered gravity power was responsible. Believing the suspect may be in the Federal database, Walker seduces Lange to gain access to her laptop; in response, Lange and the FBI take over Powers Division. Meanwhile, PAR agent Craig is pressured to get the new RetroGirl and a tip from a paid informant with Powers That Be lets him make contact with Calista while Nicole’s ambush tactics convince Calista that she needs his help. Craig introduces Calista to merchandising magnate Conrad Moody (Wil Wheaton). Throughout, flashbacks show Walker’s past relationship with Angela “Lynx” Lange, dating while they were powers, and later arresting her for Powers Division.