Download Powers [Season 2 Episode 5] – Shaking the Tree

Shaking the Tree

Walker and Pilgrim continue to pursue the RetroGirl case and tie several leads together when there is an attempt on their lives. Lange refuses to break ranks, so Walker appears on Powers That Be and blows Heavy’s identity as a covert Federal asset who went rogue a decade earlier; both Walker and Pilgrim are suspended. Senator Bailey Brown (Enrico Colantoni), whose anti-powers legislation is put on hold when his S&M video is leaked to the media, tells Walker his part in trying to mentor Heavy and implies the secret Federal program is dangerous and far-reaching. SuperShock later visits Brown and they mourn the loss of their former Unity partner, RetroGirl. Also, Calista grows closer to Moody and moves into an apartment at Colossal Fun. And Triphammer recruits Zora who begins training with Martinez.