Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 2 Episode 21] – Breaking the Code

Breaking the Code

Spencer tells the girls she got the money for Jonah from a relative and her and Aria meet Jonah at the park at 6 o’clock. They give him the money and he gives them an address, but Jonah won’t disclose anything else. As the girls leave, they notice Garrett watching them in his car. Aria tells the girls that “A” sent her dad a note trying to catch Ezra and Aria and now Ella wants to find out who “A” is, and admits she and Ezra are still seeing each other. Caleb sends the girls an email with another part of Ian’s video. Melissa walks into Alison’s room, angrily asking where Alison is. Spencer wants to talk to Melissa first before the other girls turn her in. Mona shows Hanna an incident report from when Hanna shoplifted the sunglasses, sent by “A”. “A” threatened Mona to give the report and picture to the newspaper or else she’ll be filling out a police report. Hanna tells Mona about “A” and Mona asks what to do about the report. Aria, Hanna, and Emily go to the address Jonah gave of a law firm but the girls leave in a hurry when an alarm is set off. The next morning, Mona reveals to Hanna she returned the jewellery she stole saving Hanna and her mom. Ezra tells Aria he has to move away and take the job or else Aria’s dad will know what’s making him stay. Ella goes to Ezra’s apartment saying she wants to understand. Melissa says she needs to tell Spencer something that she wanted to tell her at Ian’s funeral. In Hanna’s bedroom, Ashley spots the letter Aria picked up from the law firm and mentions Melissa worked there as a summer intern.

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ uses Mr. Hastings’ stolen gun for target practice.