Download Friends [Season 10 Episode 15] – The One Where Estelle Dies

The One Where Estelle Dies

Joey’s agent Estelle dies, but the group doesn’t want to tell him as with all the changes within the group recently could cause this one to ‘push him over the edge’. Phoebe impersonates Estelle’s voice and pretends to still be alive to try to get Joey to fire her, but Joey ends up terrified when he gets a phone call from ‘Estelle’ after learning about her death. While being shown their new home by their realtor (Jane Lynch), Monica and Chandler are horrified to find that Janice (Maggie Wheeler) is considering buying the house next door to them, leading Chandler to take drastic measures to ensure she doesn’t move in. Ross tries to get Rachel her old job back so she won’t have to move to Paris. However when he succeeds, Rachel becomes upset that, although she won’t have to leave her friends, she won’t be able to visit the ‘Fashion Capital of the World’. In the end, Ross persuades her to do what she wants to do.