Download Gotham [Season 1 Episode 14] – The Fearsome Dr. Crane

The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Gordon and Bullock investigate a serial killer who is targeting members of a phobia support group and extracting their adrenal glands. The killer turns out to be Gerald Crane, Jonathan’s father; Gordon and Bullock are able to save one of his victims, but Crane evades capture. In light of Selina’s recent claim of false witness, Bruce absolves Gordon of his promise to find the killer, intending to solve the case himself. Mooney informs Maroni about Cobblepot’s treachery to him. Maroni tries to kill Cobblepot, who escapes. Nygma frames medical examiner Guerra for hoarding body parts after Guerra has him suspended for his repeated corpse probing. After Guerra’s suspension and Nygma’s reinstatement, Gordon informs Lee, who finds a clue in Crane’s case, that a job has opened up for her as GCPD’s medical examiner. Mooney is captured by mercenaries on a boat away from Gotham.