Download Gotham [Season 1 Episode 17] – Red Hood

Red Hood

An armed group robs a bank, and one wearing a red mask throws some of the stolen money into the crowd to ensure their escape. Gordon and Bullock identify the “Red Hood” as Gus Floyd, but find him dead in the hideout. After several robberies led by Carl Destro, who now wears Floyd’s mask, and the Hood becoming a public hero, Gordon and Bullock track him to his house where they find him wounded and the mask gone. With information given by Destro, the police find and kill the remainder of the gang in a shootout. A teenage boy steals the mask. Meanwhile, Cobblepot struggles from Maroni’s actions against the restaurant, but Butch uses some fake policemen to seize Maroni’s supplies. Mooney discovers that the facility is owned by Dulmacher, meeting the manager, who tries to take her eye for organ trade purposes; but she removes it herself and destroys it before passing out. An old comrade of Alfred, Reginald Payne, visits him in the Manor and stays over night. On the next day, however, he steals some of Bruce’s files, stabs Alfred to evade capture and reports to the Board that Bruce has no solid evidence.