Download Supernatural [Season 10 Episode 20] – Angel Heart

Angel Heart

While searching for her mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Claire is knocked unconscious and Castiel calls Sam and Dean in to help. After Claire explains what she’s trying to do, the Winchesters and Castiel decide to help her look. While Sam helps Claire hack her mother’s credit card information, Dean and Castiel interrogate Ronnie Cartwright, the man who knocked her out who according to Amelia’s diary, was the last person to see her. After Dean gets rough, Ronnie admits he sent Amelia to a faith healer named Peter Holloway who had healed his eyesight. However, he’d quit after seeing that Holloway was up to no good, cutting the people sent to him. After they leave, Ronnie calls Holloway who blinds him once again and kills him. Using this information, Sam is able to track Holloway to a farm house, but leaves Dean and Claire behind due to the Mark of Cain’s effects on Dean getting worse. Castiel finds Amelia who is trapped in a dream life where she has reunited with Jimmy and wakes her, but she is extremely weak and he is unable to heal her. Sam is captured by Holloway at the same time that Dean and Claire realize he is one of the Grigori, a group of angels that prey upon humans. Holloway, revealing himself as Tamiel, tells Sam that he’s been hiding on Earth from the other angels by feeding on human souls since the beginning, seeing both angels and humans as beneath him. Afterwards, Dean, Sam, Castiel and Claire come to Amelia’s rescue, but are unable to defeat Tamiel. Amelia sacrifices herself to save Claire, who then kills Tamiel with his own sword in revenge. Amelia is reunited with her husband Jimmy in Heaven while the Winchesters decide to send Claire to Jody until she can get on her feet. Claire finally forgives Dean and Castiel for their roles in her father’s death and Dean leaves her with a lore book as a gift as he realizes she is intending to become a hunter.