Download Supernatural [Season 10 Episode 21] – Dark Dynasty

Dark Dynasty

Wanting to get the Book of the Damned back, Monroe Styne sends his son, Eldon, to track down Sam and Dean to find it. Eldon and another family member ambush Dean, but he manages to kill the other family member and capture Eldon. Eldon explains to Dean that the Styne family has existed for thousands of years and harvest organs they transplant into themselves to make them superhuman. The Stynes cause and take advantage of various disasters in history to make a profit including Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and the September 11 attacks. The family is worldwide and was formerly known by the name Frankenstein before Mary Shelley discovered their secrets and wrote a book about it. After Eldon reveals that the Book of the Damned can’t be destroyed, Dean goes to confront Sam and Eldon escapes by ripping off his own arm. At the same time, Crowley searches for his missing mother with help from Olivette, and Sam, Rowena, Castiel, and Charlie work on decoding the Book. After having too much of Rowena, Charlie leaves to have peace and quiet and comes under attack by Eldon shortly after she finally breaks the code. Sam and Dean, who has finally learned the truth, tell her to give Eldon what he wants, but she destroys her computer instead of letting Eldon get her notes. Shortly afterwards, Sam and Dean find her dead, murdered by Eldon. Unknown to them, however, as her last act, Charlie emailed her notes on how to break the code to them so they could finish her work.